Health And Safety; Make Your Workplace Safe

Health and safety are very important in the workplace; employers must provide employees with policies when they are hiring them to particular positions, especially when handling dangerous equipment or food items. Each employee needs to know what is expected from them, and they must know how to handle emergencies when they arise.

Training is a very important part of a new employee’s job. Each new hire should go through a series of tests to prove they know what to do to remain safe at work. They may need fire drills to know what the policy is in the case of a fire. Each fire drill is essential to all employees, not just new hires. Each employee should know how to use fire extinguishers. The local fire department will come out and train employees on using fire extinguishers. Each employee will practice first-hand how to wipe out a fire with the extinguisher. The maintenance supervisor should schedule this occupational health assessment. Maintenance is responsible for making sure the extinguishers are correctly dated too. The fire marshal must sign off on each extinguisher.

Wet floors can be another hazard in the workplace. Each floor must be mopped and cleaned so that there are no oils to slip in. When a floor is wet, housekeeping should place a wet floor sign where the floor is wet. This not only protects the employees but visitors as well. Falls happen all the time when the floor is wet and there is not warning signs.

Ladders, chemicals, and industrial tools can cause injury if they are being used wrong. Make sure each person using these items knows the dangers involved. Make sure they know what to do in case of chemicals being spilled. Keep a log of each chemical and a treatment for the chemical. Post the number to poison control and to the local emergency room in case of such injury. Wash stations are important for people with things getting into their eyes. Make sure to wash the eyes immediately to remove chemicals from the eyes.

It is important to follow through with all of the Health Department standards in safety. Become a part of the Health and Safety teams in your area. Be an advocate for safety in your area. Make sure that you follow all safety precautions when it comes to active shooters, or terrorist in the area. Never volunteer to be the hero. Prepare your staff and people around you with escape routes in case of terrorist or bad weather. Make sure you know what you are supposed to do in any hazard.…